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Tom Brady Car Crash Matrix

Tom Brady’s car crash was “like a scene from ‘The Matrix’ ”.

The 33-year-old NFL player, who has nine-month-old son Benjamin with wife Gisele Bundchen, as well as three-year-old John from a previous relationship – was “scared out of his mind” after initially thinking he had hit a woman who was walking her dog when he collided with a minivan last Thursday morning, September 9.

He explained, “I was scared out of my mind. I swear to God. It was like ‘The Matrix’. When the cars hit, I saw all the glass kind of explode. Then I saw her go flying. I thought, ‘Oh, my God’ as we’re kind of skidding to a stop. I saw her go flying back.

“I’m telling you, when it happened, I didn’t even know what to do, because you’re just in shock. I was kind of sitting there in the car, looking around, trying to get my bearings. And then once I got home, then it really hits you.”

Luckily, the pedestrian was uninjured, but the star has praised the medics and fire crews who attended the scene of the crash

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