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New Mercedes Benz CLK 63 Amg specification reviews

New Mercedes Benz CLK 63 Amg specification reviews with car wallpapers

Mercedes-Benz has a number of relationships with the motor sport world that benefit its products. Chief among them is it's Formula One campaign. Just last weekend the German car maker's team won the Malaysian GP in Sepang at the hands of Fernando Alonso, while debutant driver Lewis Hamilton came in second.
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Mercedes launched what is one of its most dedicated, highly-strung sports cars at the recent 2007 New York Motor Show, which is an out-and-out track car, designed for high speed, high-G manoeuvres. And it can be driven on the road too.
Mercedes says the new CLK 63 AMG Black Series is based on the Official F1 Safety Car, which has been providing Formula One safety since 2006

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