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A Dolphin in my mind

Well guys,this time on auto car show, i want tell you guy about a beautifully done Civic EH4 has gone through quite some noticeable transformation process and at present looks more like a civicEG6.Not only in terms of appearance yet it include the power plant with an engine swap.

Lets start with the engine, shall we?.For you information, as stared earlier,the civic EH4 featured here this time has gone through an engine swap.Obviously that means that the original engine is history as this Civic EH4 is at present fitted with a legendary VTEC B16a engine , a1595cc inline 4 16v DOHC engine with VTEC producing 160ps and first appearing in 1989 in the JDM honda integra XSi and RSi.An engine which is popular among performance enthusiasts especially VTEC lovers.If not mistaken, the price for this engine is in the range of usdxxxxx .xx and does not include installation charges.According to the owner ,after having a new bolt-on parts such as the Simota air filter,ZerOne oil catch tank ,NGK plugcable,a hi-performance grounding wire kit fitted along with mods like port and polish done,the increase in performance is definite therefore,he needed to go on and upgrade other parts of the car in order to create a balance and better control.

first was exhaust system,which now uses a customized system designed to create a better flow,and most importantly suits the new upgraded engine's specification.Upgrading was done focused onto the transmission with the installation of a race ttype clutch Exedy.Interestingly , the E.C.U for this honda civic EH4 has been re-map yet no other info were given as to where it was done and the cost . a re-map E.C.U would definitely be better in maximizing the engine's performance although not as great as having a piggy-back or stand alone unit.Yet,it's effective and the cost is at minimum.Come on guys, there's always pros and cons to a product eh!.

The upgrading of the braking and suspension had also been given some thought here. At present the braking system uses a complete civic EG6 brake system while the shocks are combination of hotbits adjustable shocks for rear and standard ori integra shocks up front.Judging from the owner's feedback, these new combination works pretty well with the new engine and his driving style. As a norm, the rims have also been changed with more attractive looking sport rims. They're actually a set of original integra model rims, which are then paired with Bridgestone 195/50R15 tyres.

In completing the transformation of this civic EH4, the exterior has been fitted with EK bodykit along with Spoon spoiler.Apart of that , this civic EH4 has also been fitted with sunroof.What else ?? Not to forget the 'dolphin' airbrush design by XXXXX Airbrush, which would definitely be one of its attraction.Nicely done eh!!!.

We now move on to the interior, which is no less attractive.Once inside one would notice the civic EG6 dashboard along with EG6 door panels being fitted. Apart from that there's the sparco seats, momo steering momo handbrake lever and a momo gear knob adding to the decor.There you have it,the complete transformation story of a CIVIC EH4
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