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New BMW 760Li Cars Reviews And Wallpapers

BMW 760Li Cars Reviews And Wallpapers With Specification and images

BMW's "New 7" was introduced, but what an eventful year for BMW. No mere evolutionary

product, The New 7 was instead a bold statement about who BMW is, what BMW stands for,

and where BMW intends to go. "With help from its suppliers," stated no less august a

source than Automotive Engineering International in its March '02 issue, "BMW has

produced a vehicle that blazes the engineering trail with innovations that will influence

passenger vehicles for years to come. The new BMW 7 Series was selected by the readers

and editors of AEI as Best Engineered Vehicle for 2002 because it points the way not only

for luxury/performance sedans but also for other vehicle segments."
Heart of the 760Li: A new V-12 engine of dazzling technology and performance

As BMW had offered a 12-cylinder model in the previous 7 Series, the 750iL, it was

natural and expected that a 12-cylinder version of the new Series would in time make its


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