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New BMW X5 Cars Reviews and specification

BMW X5 Cars Reviews and specification and cars wallpapers images

When the X5 debuted in 1999, it left no doubt that a vehicle with true go-anywhere

capability could also deliver BMW levels of performance, luxury, safety and style. The X5

delivered in spades. Four years after its launch, the world's first Sports Activity

Vehicle still enjoys enormous popularity. To ensure that this popularity continues, the

engineers and designers worked together to devise a thoroughly improved driving

experience, which gave rise to a number of technical innovations and a bold new look.
The main highlights of this new SAV include the new intelligent all-wheel drive system -

xDrive, a more powerful V8 engine, new transmissions and the modernization of central

design elements. All this means that the X5 will remain the perfect vehicle for the

enthusiast driver, who wishes to combine the excellent handling and drive characteristics

typical of BMW with a high seating position and the ability to master a wide range of

driving situations, including off-road.

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